February 23, 2018
  • Legacy Private Trust

    As a trust company, Legacy Private Trust specializes in managing and administering Trusts, Estates, Agencies, Guardianships, Foundations and also provides Tax & Accounting Services. Since we are a trust company, you can appoint us in a variety of capacities such as Trustee, Estate Trustee, Agent, Guardian or Custodian. Our goal is to turn your dreams and aspirations into a lasting legacy.

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  • Founding Principles

    Our model is simple:
    • Superior Service
    • Real Flexibility
    • True Continuity

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  • Benefits of Appointing a Trust Company

    • Comfort, convenience and peace of mind
    • An experienced and dedicated team in your corner
    • Removal of a heavy burden during an emotional time
    • Maintenance of family harmony and prevention of family conflict with an objective party
    • Support for the beneficiaries of your choice
    • Continuity in the settlement of your affairs and the management of your legacy

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  • Who Needs Legacy Private Trust?

    In today’s busy world you may need to pass administrative responsibilities to professionals you can trust. You will benefit from working with our trust company if:
    • You have complex business and personal finances or complex family circumstances
    • You have situations where long distances are involved
    • You lack free time
    • You want to avoid potential conflict
    • You travel frequently
    • You lack expertise and want the job done by a team of professionals

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  • The Legacy Private Trust Service Standard

    At Legacy Private Trust client satisfaction is our top priority. Each client is assigned a personal relationship manager who is surrounded by a team of dedicated team members who have only one objective: providing excellent service to you and your beneficiaries in a professional and friendly way.

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Welcome to Legacy Private Trust

With over 200 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts specialize in the management
and administration of trusts, estates, guardianships and foundations for high net worth Canadians and
institutional clients.

We have harnessed this experience, in conjunction with our superior service model
to provide our clients with a personalized level of service found nowhere else.

Whether we use our talents to work through a complex estate, act as an objective third party, provide guidance for a weary executor or trustee, or support the unique needs of our clients’ beneficiaries, our model has proven to be one which molds to our clients’ specific needs – not the other way around.