February 23, 2018
Founding Principles

Superior ServiceLPT Infographic - Service Flexibility Continuity

Our team of over a dozen experienced practitioners service only a few hundred clients. This allows us to go the extra distance for each of them. We interview long term care homes with our clients’ loved-ones, sort through papers and photographs when cleaning out an estate home and visit regularly with trust beneficiaries. We have the people, resources and aspiration to go beyond what is typically expected.


Real Flexibility

Our service offerings are always customized to our clients’ specific needs, not based on a one-size-fits-all template. We do not have built-in rigidity in our business practices or procedures. We respond rapidly and adapt to each situation as required. We also easily accommodate clients who want to utilize outside professionals in conjunction with our services.


True Continuity

We are federally regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, have a dedicated team of practitioners, and we also operate with a strong family component. There will always be a core at Legacy Private Trust who understands and has the inside knowledge to handle your legacy. The people you meet and work with today will be the same people you will work with throughout, as well as the ones your family and beneficiaries will deal with in the future.