March 29, 2017
Cemetery Services

Care & Maintenance and Monument Trust Fund Administration

iStock_13954980Med_cemeteryThrough discussions with Cemeteries we found that their care and maintenance costs have increased disproportionately with the income yields of their trusts. Through our analysis we have found this is primarily due to poor investment and high trustee fees.

We don’t think that’s good enough and know that the legislation allows your trusts to invest in more than just low yielding investments such as GICs. Care & Maintenance and Monument Funds by Legacy Private Trust allow you to earn more to cover your care and maintenance expenses through competitive trustee fees and higher investment yields.

About Care & Maintenance and Monument Funds

  •  Required under the new Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act (July 2012)
  • Are not and should not be limited to low yielding GICs
  • Higher yields are available through conservative investing
  • Option to use outside investment management of your choosing
  • Specific requirements for income and capital portions of these trusts
  • Fees are competitive with industry standards
  • Must be administered by an approved trust company
  • Full transition implemented by our professionals in cooperation with the Cemeteries Registrar

Preneed Pooled Trust Management

iStock_17240382Lg_tombsCemeteries have found that their efforts to build their preneed business are thwarted by their deposit yields barely keeping up with inflation. The reason is they have been limited to investing in low yielding GICs for far too long.

We don’t think that’s good enough and know that the legislation allows the preneed area to be a profitable revenue source by utilizing higher yielding investments. Through our consultations we have developed an exciting and unique service offering for Cemeteries. Preneed Pooled Trusts by Legacy Private Trust allow for conservative, yet higher yielding investments to help make your Cemeteries more profitable.

About Preneed Pooled Trusts

  • Allowed under the new Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act (July 2012)
  • Not limited to low GIC returns
  • Will reduce your revenue losses and increase your profit from Preneed sales
  • Achieve higher income yields through conservative investing and diverse holdings
  • Monthly reporting available
  • Deposits and frequent withdrawals by cheque or electronic bank transfer
  • LPT has invested $1M in fund
  • Fees are competitive with industry standards
  • Must be administered by an approved trust company

 About Us

Over the past few years we have been consulting extensively with the Cemeteries industry to develop this customized Preneed Pooled Trust service. At Legacy Private Trust we have over 200 combined years of professional experience administering trusts, and we are an approved trustee by the Cemeteries Registrar. As a trust company, we are federally licensed and regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions. We have been actively working with the industry for several years on other successful projects and are a small, independent trust company focused primarily on highly personalized service.